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Why need Board Level shielding can - Ready and customzed shield Free sample

Shield manufacturer-Hexin has been producing shielding covers for 15 years and has produced various types of shielding covers. Today, the editor of Hexin will share with you the meaning of shielding covers: The metal shell on various electronic components is called a shielding cover, which is one of the hardware facilities.

1. Shielding case The shielding case produced by the manufacturer is mainly to prevent the components from causing interference and radiation to the outside world. Generally speaking, the greater the power of the module, the greater the interference and radiation it produces. At this time, adding a metal casing to the module can effectively reduce these radiation and interference, thereby ensuring its normal operation.

2. Shield the outside and do not interfere with components. In the working environment of each module, there are many complex interference sources, such as external electric fields and magnetic fields. These interference sources are invisible and cannot be touched. However, after adding a shield, these external interference sources can be well isolated.

3. The shielding cover manufacturer understands that by reducing or removing the interference sources of components, circuits, cables or the entire system, it can prevent electromagnetic field interference and radiation outside the human body. Receiving circuits, equipment or value systems to protect them from external electromagnetic fields.

Shield manufacturer Hexin has focused on the production and processing of shielding covers for 15 years. You can specify various materials according to your drawings and samples. The shielding performance is increased by 30%, and the product life is extended by 53%. There are hundreds of precision processing and production equipment, and the daily production capacity of 300,000 strokes. Zero delivery delay