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What determines the flatness of the board level shielding cans - Ningbo Hexin Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Hexin will talk to you today about what determines the flatness of the PCB shield that most customers are concerned about.

As we all know, most metal materials are resilient. In addition, adding a leveling block to the mold is also a method used by many Shenzhen shield manufacturers. Control the corner of the bend to achieve verticality and increase flatness. The function of the PCB shielding cover determines the performance of the electronic product. If the flatness is insufficient, the performance of the electronic product will be weakened or the electronic components will be damaged. Therefore, high-precision measurement is required to ensure its own quality. The shielding cover can help the electronic components to isolate the external electromagnetic field interference, but also reduce the electromagnetic radiation diffusion of the components themselves, and also assume a part of the heat dissipation function. If the flatness of the PCB shielding cover is not strictly controlled, it is easy to squeeze components or lack of anti-interference and heat dissipation functions. The shielding cover has a small volume and thin thickness, and a slight stress may cause it to bend, making the product flatness measurement process very difficult. It is impossible to use conventional tools to measure the flatness without damaging the surface of the shielding cover. The special-shaped shielding cover cannot be used eithe