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What are the requirements for the production of shielding covers? - Ningbo Hexin Electronics Co.,Ltd.

The shielding cover is generally made of stainless steel for bending and drawing, tinned steel belt tinplate, etc. The main products are radio frequency shields, baseband shields, SIM card holders, LCD frames and other mobile phone precision accessories, as well as electronic products, metal stamping, automatic lathes, springs and other accessories used in medical machinery. Do you know what is required to produce a shielding cover?

The shielding cover requires no oil stains, no sharp edges, no scratches, no deformation, and the stamping tolerance is within 0.1MM. The size of the pick-up point of the shield cover should be appropriate. The pick-up point should be in the middle of the material. The size of the pick-up point is preferably Φ6.0mm, the larger the picking point, the higher the undisturbed nature of the patch and the higher the efficiency.

The flow space of the tray where the shielding cover is placed is too large, and it is easy to swing during patching, which can not be absorbed. The material must be placed in the tray. There is a flow space of about 1.0MM. Too large causes the material to swing. Come up. Our company’s mobile phone shielding cover mainly adopts 0.2MM nickel white copper and stainless steel stamping. The product has accurate size, good flatness, easy to tin, good shielding performance, easy and strong assembly, and excellent quality.

What are the requirements for the production of shielding covers?
There should be one or two through holes with a diameter of 0.7~1mm on each side of the surrounding wall of the shielding bracket, which is used for card shielding cover. There should not be too many card holes, otherwise it is difficult to disassemble and can be made by the supplier, we give the location size. The bottom surface of the wall around the shielding cover should be 0.5mm away from the PCB to prevent the shielding bracket from eating too much tin against the shielding cover. Shield cover heat dissipation hole diameter 1mm If the shield cover or shielding bracket has a flat drop, pay attention to the side cutout at the drop boundary, otherwise it cannot be processed. In addition, a hole with a diameter of 3 mm should be punched at the corner of the drop in the plane, otherwise it will tear. If the shielding cover or shielding bracket has a flat drop, pay attention to the drop angle of 35~40 degrees. If the angle is too large, it will break during processing. The shielding bracket has a flat drop, and the gap between the bracket and the cover surface at the drop is not 0, and it should be 0.1mm. The cutout of the shielding bracket of the metal shield is more than 1mm from the outer wall of the side wall. If there is a downward bend in the interior, the side wall of the bend is 0.5mm from the outer wall. At this time, the plane is cut directly against the side wall 15 The angle in the empty area is R0.5mm. The shielding bracket and the PCB are not welded on the whole surface. The Great Wall foot welding of 2-1-2mm is used. 2mm is connected to 16 touches. 1mm is suspended to facilitate tin climbing. The metal shielding cover can increase the attachment strength of the shielding cover in this way.