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Types of Board Level Shields

Modern mobile devices require improved methods for reducing or limiting the influence of electromagnetic interference as the demand for slimmer devices with numerous antennas, higher data speeds, and higher operating frequencies grows (EMI). Hexin’s board-level shields are stamped one-piece and two-piece metal cages that help isolate board-level components, eliminate crosstalk, and reduce EMI/RF susceptibility without affecting system speed.

One-piece designs provide shielding at the component level on a PCB, eliminating the need for access to protected components. Standard off-the-shelf designs don’t come with any tooling expenses. Some typical examples of one-piece shields can be seen below.

Two-piece shields allow users to inspect or replace shielded components without risking board damage or incurring tooling expenses by removing the complete shield. The covers snap on and off easily, making maintenance of the component under the shield faster and easier and reducing board rework. Some examples of two-piece board level shields are shown below.

Another major type of used shielding solution is a connector. The shields with RF connectors are used in applications like Set Top Box Cable Modem, Modem Cable Assembly, and Satellite TV. Hexin offers a series of shields with attached RF connectors for these solutions, some of which can be seen below.

Surface mount, rigid corner, tight coplanarity tolerances, different metal substrate alternatives, and different plating options are some of the features of the standard offerings at Hexin.

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