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The advantages and disadvantages of a one-piece board level shielding - Ningbo Hexin Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Let’s first look at the advantages of a one-piece shield:

1. It is an irresistible reason to save production costs. In this way, the production costs of shielding frames and shielding clips are unnecessary.

2. Save working hours. If you use a shielding frame and a shielding clip, you need to type one piece first, and then manually add another one, which is time-consuming.

3. The shielding cover can reduce the deformation amount of the reflow furnace. Because the one-piece shield is a rigid material, depending on its thickness and structure, it can play a supporting and strengthening effect.

4. The shielding effect is better. Based on the past experience of Lida Seiko, a Chinese shield manufacturer, the effect of using the shield frame and shield clamp is about 2db.


Disadvantages of one-piece shield:

1. It may affect the welding quality. This is because the shielding cover is a half enclosed space, and current reflow furnaces are all heated by hot air circulation. If the heat transfer effect is not good, the parts inside the shield may have the risk of welding and short circuit.

2. The welding quality of the shield is not easy to control. The larger the size of the shielding cover, the more difficult it is to control the welding flatness, so it is generally required that the flatness of the shielding cover should be below 0.1mm to ensure its welding effect.

3. It is not easy to repair. This is a very headache. If there is a problem with the parts in the shielding cover, the shielding cover must be removed during maintenance. However, the usually removed shielding cover must be scrapped because it cannot be welded. At the same time, the shielding cover is not easy to remove, and it is usually cut off after opening a hole. That is, the shield can be broken to remove it completely. After the repair, a new shielding cover must be manually welded on, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.