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RF Shield Cans

Whether you need a one-piece, two-piece or multi-compartmental shield, our board level shields provide isolation of board level components.

RF shield cans with connector

Area tackled in the most fundamental to parts of medi cal research include cellular and molecular biology.

RF Connector

Hexin support IEC(PAL) F Connector

Metal Stamping Parts

All-New Stamping specializes in stamping complex, high precision metal stamping for parts and components for a wide range of industries.

Aluminum extruded heat sinks

High aspect ratio heat sink extrusions in slant fin, straight fin and pin fin heat sink geometries for cost effective extruded cooling solutions.

Plastic Parts

Injection Molding is a standard method for manufacturing plastic products and is used to make a variety of parts in automotive, medical, consumer and industrial

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We offer the most complete industrial solutions in the country.


Thank you for checking.products are satisfying and well done .also thanks you for very nice packing
With reel and tape .when we need more of shield clips we will go with you .

Bill Dedman - Designer

We want a small batch prototype design. Hexin SMT shield clips are in stock and sent to us quickly to help us complete the design faster and finally get the customer’s order.

Gregory Benford - Purchase

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