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Shield carrier tape is a kind of electronic packaging. There have not been many people in China who have conducted environmental tests on shield carrier tape, and it can even be said that they know little about it. In China, it is generally believed that the packaging material of the shielding cover tape is only used as packaging. After passing the SGS, there is no problem. The shielding cover tape products will change under different environments, which will affect the packaging. Therefore, an environmental monitoring plan should be launched as soon as possible for the shielding case carrier tape packaging, so as to standardize the production of the shielding case carrier tape and be responsible for the packaging products. As the shield carrier tape is a high-temperature heating and forming product, the shield carrier tape itself has experienced a thermal shock and molding. Since the customer packs the product and will ship it to all parts of the world, the temperature difference between different places is not the same, so the shield carrier tape packaging material The shrinkage and willfulness are different at different temperatures. Therefore, the carrier tape of the shielding cover needs to use different formulations in different environments to ensure the stability of the product and avoid customer complaints caused by packaging materials. This is also the drawback of the entire shield carrier tape industry today.

With the rise of labor costs, various factories are doing automation transformation. Under the condition of automation, material supply has become the key to the problem. The continuity of the belt system speeds up the efficiency of automatic production and enables more precise and accurate feeding time. Now shield carrier tape is used in various fields in the electronics industry, from metal processing to LED, capacitor, inductor, electronic components and many other industries. In short, this new type of packaging of shield carrier tape brings us convenience and also gives us The packaging industry provides a new opportunity for development.

The important accessories of the shielding cover carrier tape

The upper tape, an important accessory of the shielding case carrier tape packaging, is mainly used to seal the shielding case carrier tape. Its quality directly affects the sealing of the components, so it is a very important part for the shielding case carrier tape. Things, the shield carrier tape can be heat-sealed and pasted, these two mainly depend on the material

The full name of the cover tape is “electronic packaging cover tape” for short, cover tape, English: “COVERTAPE”. The categories are: according to the sealing conditions, it can be divided into heat-sealing tape and self-adhesive tape; according to the electrical properties of the material, it can be divided into: anti-electric type and non-electric type. Bandwidth 5.3mm, 9.3mm, 13.5mm, 21.5mm, 25.5mm, 37.5mm, 49.5mm, 65.5mm and other specifications of broadband, the material generally uses PET as the basic material; upper belt: heat-sealed upper belt needs to be installed in the sealing equipment Heat to bond. The length of this type of top belt is generally 300M/R, 480M/R; the appearance is transparent and milky white;

The self-adhesive top tape does not need to be heated in the sealing equipment. Since the material is a pressure-sensitive material, it can be automatically sealed when pressure is applied during sealing.

The length of this type of top belt is generally only 200M/R. Appearance has two kinds of transparent and brown. In terms of electrical properties, there are only two types of anti-electric and non-electric types.

The resistive surface resistance value is 107-11Ω/.

The non-electric surface resistance value is above 1012Ω/.


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