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Hexin is the ideal manufacturing partner for your (sheet) metal products. Due to Hexin’s flexible manufacturing possibilities, we are able to provide you with solutions for low volume as well as for high volume series. Every process is designed in such a way as to provide high quality products while being cost effective for tooling & products. Every product and project will be carefully assessed to determine the optimum process for its corresponding complexity

Small volumes (High quality – Shortest lead time – No or minimum tooling expense)

Typical low volume series (up to a few hundred pieces) do not justify the investment of manufacturing tooling used for high volume series such as a stamping die. And this is usually not needed as HEXIN has alternative processes available specifically for low volume manufacturing which, in most cases, will take away the need for tooling investments. Next to the investment saving, the time to market of such processes will be very short which will also make you save precious time

Mid size volumes (Short lead time – Save on tooling cost)

Particularly for mid sized volume series which do not justify the investment of mass production tooling, HEXIN has very attractive alternative tooling solutions available which will help you save on tooling investments. This provides the perfect balance between manufacturing volume and investment without giving in on product quality

Mass production (Lowest part price)

Once the project size demands high volume manufacturing, a progressive stamping die will be the tool of choice. Once suitably engineered, with the right hardened materials, finishing and maintenance, it can literally produce millions of parts and sometimes 100 of millions of parts. HEXIN will offer you tooling against very competitive prices which will provide products at the lowest possible cost with maximum quality.


The right packaging type of your products will enhance your assembly process and guarantees the product quality throughout transportation. Also here HEXIN will advise you towards the best and most cost effective solution like Tape & Reel, custom or standard Tray and in some cases even bulk packaging

Hexin Board Level shield sample (Parts)

Here are some of the board level shielding cans sample picture what we customized for customer

Board Level shielding cans Production process(Parts)

The picture show how Hexin make the board level shielding cans for PCB board with our own tooling house and worker .
Make Drawing
Wire cutting
Precision grinding
Mould parts
Assy the mould
Finished the mould
Test mould
Mass production
Heat treatment
Fast delivery