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Multi-cavity EMI shield cans

Hexin offers a cost-effective, multi-cavity version of its standard CBS product line. Our proprietary multi-cavity manufacturing process gives engineers the flexibility to isolate multiple board-level components using the same shield. The near-custom product uses “off-the-shelf” components to create multiple internal cavities that share connecting walls and a single cover. This allows for a significant reduction in shield weight and allocated board space while maintaining tight cost controls.

MultiCAV is a compartmentalized shield that combines multiple shields into one, saving board space while reducing shield weight & cost

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Purchase the One Piece shield can today for you PCB Board ?

Full Service for Board level shielding

From tooling to molding production board level shielding and assembly, we provide full service. Easy touch with us for you project ! one piece board level shield ,two piece board level shield, shield can with IEC connector ,Heat sink ,Spring, metal stamping parts for PCB board shell .

Small volumes No or minimum tooling cost 2days deliver

Your ideas deserve a quick realisation Dispatch you with prototypes without tooling cost with 1-2days Help you to saving the time & cost ! The tolerance of the sample can be controlled within ±0.08MM

Two Piece Shield Can
Two-piece board level shield constructed of a frame and a removable cover ,making repair of the component under the shield quicker and easier, with reduced board rework.
Deep Drawn shield can
Seamless Protective Cage for higher shielding effectiveness Optimal Planarity for higher yield on reflow soldering Solid Construction to resist dents and warp!
SMT Shield Clips
SMD Shield Clips offer ease of manufacture for EMI shielding solutions and are more environmentally friendly. The shield clips allow users to avoid the need for soldering.
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Choose the type of PCB shielding can
The type of shielding can with one piece shielding can ,two piece shielding can , deep drawn shielding can
raw material for shielding can
Choose the type of raw material
When it comes to PCB EMI Shielding can , Nickel Silver Tin Plated is the most popular
Choose the packing for PCB shielding can
When it comes to PCB EMI Shielding can , Reel and tape and tray is the most popular
Checking the shielding can
Use visual automatic detection of shield size