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Mu Metal material make shielding can

Mu metal material, which is a type of nickel-iron alloy used for its magnetic shielding properties.  Mu metal has been around since the early 20th century, but recent studies have led to the development of new and improved versions of the material.  These advancements have led to enhanced magnetic shielding capabilities and have expanded the potential applications for mu metal. To make PCB EMI shading is one of the application

  • Full design flexibility with engineering support
  • Quick turn proto types
  • Surface mount and through hole mounting options
  • Clinch nuts/Threaded fasteners , thermal, absorber and insulator options available
  • .008”, .010”, .012”, .015” Tin plated Steel
  • .008”, .010”, .012”, .015” Alloy C770
  • .014” Mu Metal, ideal for magnetic shielding
  • High quantity tooling options available
  • Free hand sample support
  • Tape and Reel packaging available
  • Tray packaging available
Deep drawn metal shield can