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Introduction to the role, composition and application of the board level shielding can

Composition and application of shielding cover:

1. It consists of outriggers and cover body, the outrigger and cover body are movably connected; the cover body is spherical crown shape.

2. This component is mainly used in the field of mobile phones, GPS, etc. It is to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and shield the components on the PCB and LCM.

3. The material of the shield is generally made of 0.2mm thick stainless steel and nickel white copper, of which nickel white copper is a metal shielding material that is easy to tin. The design of the suction cup should be considered when using SMT patch.

Classification of shielding cover:

1. Fixed: Solder directly to the PCB with SMT.

2. Removable: Use the structure and LCM combination or directly use the protrusion on shielding_cover to buckle in shielding_frame.
The role of the shield:

Use shields to surround components, circuits, assemblies, cables or interference sources of the entire system to prevent interference electromagnetic fields from spreading out; use shields to surround receiving circuits, equipment or systems to prevent them from being affected by external electromagnetic fields.

Shielding clips are widely used. Shielding clips of various materials come out. For the shielding industry, they can be divided into electrical shielding and magnetic shielding. It is better to do electromagnetic shielding separately, that is, to do several layers of shielding. If electromagnetic shielding is required, it is better to use iron. Although the conductivity of iron is inferior to that of copper and aluminum, copper and aluminum have no magnetic shielding effect.

The flow space of the tray of the shielding clip is too large, and it is easy to swing during patching, which can not be absorbed. The material must be placed in the tray. There is a flow space of about 1.0MM. Too large causes the material to swing. Not coming up. My company’s mobile phone shielding cover is mainly made of 0.2MM nickel white copper and stainless steel stamping. The product has accurate size, good flatness, easy to tin, good shielding performance, easy and strong assembly, and excellent quality.

The fixing clip of the shielding cover is generally made of stainless steel for bending, for drawing, tinned steel belt tinplate, etc. The main products are radio frequency shields, baseband shields, SIM card brackets, LCD frames and other mobile phone precision accessories, as well as electronic stamping, medical machinery, metal stamping, automatic lathes, springs and other accessories.

The fixing clip of the shielding cover requires no oil pollution, no shaving, no scratches, no deformation, and the stamping tolerance is within 0.1MM. The size of the picking point of the shielding cover should be appropriate. The picking point should be in the middle of the material. The size of the picking point is the most. Fortunately, Φ6.0mm, the larger the picking point, the higher the patch’s undisturbed nature, and the higher the efficiency.