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How do the
Checking for PCB EMI Shield Can

Production shields can be checking with the visual automatic detection
100% Auto Checking
100% Automatic optical inspection
Automatic Packing
Automatic packing in the reel and tape
Faster Delivery
With the auto checking and packing make the faster delivery to our customer all over the world.

Board Level Shielding Checking

Salt spray test
Salt spray test with the board level shielding can
Dimensional inspection
Dimensional inspection
Solderability Test
Solderability Test
Choose the type of PCB shielding can
The type of shielding can with one piece shielding can ,two piece shielding can , deep drawn shielding can
raw material for shielding can
Choose the type of raw material
When it comes to PCB EMI Shielding can , Nickel Silver Tin Plated is the most popular
Choose the packing for PCB shielding can
When it comes to PCB EMI Shielding can , Reel and tape and tray is the most popular
Checking the shielding can
Use visual automatic detection of shield size

Find or Design Your Board Level Shields

If you’d like to create your own board level shield, our team of skilled engineers can design one that meets your specific application and design criteria. customer service to discuss custom options for your next board level shield.

Hexin Board Level shield

Here are some of the board level shielding cans product what we customized for customer

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