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How design the shape of board level shield can guide-Hexin - Ningbo Hexin Electronics Co.,Ltd.

The electromagnetic shielding cover is an alloy metal cover that can isolate the components on the board and is used to shield various electromagnetic devices and prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI). The position, size and shape of the shielding cover are generally determined by the CAD personnel according to the specific situation of the PCB layout and wiring, and draw a certain shape (not necessarily a regular rectangle, but also can be shaped according to the situation), and then designed by the structure Draw the detailed three-dimensional structure adjustment diagram of the shielding cover and find the shielding cover manufacturer for proofing. In short, the effect of electromagnetic shielding tendencies depends on the detailed circuit structure, and it is not necessary to cover everything with a shielding cover. General electromagnetic shielding cover shape: The shape of the shielding cover should also be considered when customizing the shielding cover. The shape of the shielding cover roughly has the following 4 types:

1. Regular shape: Choose a square area as the shielding position at the position that needs to be shielded. The advantage is that it is convenient for wiring and production, reduces production cost and processing difficulty, and is also convenient for peacekeeping inspection.

2. Irregular shape: Due to the need to shield the position structure or other factors, irregular shapes must be made, which increases the difficulty of maintenance and production.

3. Whether there are holes: According to the required shielding performance, heat dissipation performance, structure, etc. of the product, determine whether the electromagnetic shielding cover has holes. It is also necessary to confirm the size and spacing of the holes, including waterproof and dustproof.

4. Whether there is a structural gap: Since the shielding cover is generally folded and stamped, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the gap of the shielding cover is within the required range.