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How Choose the
Type for PCB EMI Shield Can

Production shields can be made of many type , the most commonly used are One piece shielding can , two piece shielding can ,deep drawn shielding can ,RF connector with shielding

One Piece shield can

The single piece is directly soldered on the circuit board, and the single piece is easy to process and has a low cost. The biggest disadvantage is that once it is welded, it is not easy to remove, which increases the difficulty of maintenance and debugging.

Two Piece shield can

The two-piece is composed of a frame and a cover. The shield frame generally made of Nickel silver for easy soldering, and the cover is generally made of stainless steel, which is cheaper. The advantage of the two-piece type is that it is convenient for maintenance and inspection. The disadvantage is that the two pieces need to be opened twice, and the cost is high for the mould and the goods

Deep Drawn shield can

Deep drawn shield can technology has been developed. This technology uses a deep drawn process to form the shield, which eliminates the gaps between the shield body and the vertical edge, and between the vertical edge and the vertical edge. This greatly reduces the interference to the radio frequency, and improves the overall performance of the shield.

One Piece Shield can+SMT Shield Clips

The shield clip is now used instead of the shield frame , which can save the cost of opening the shield frame . The shield clip is used to fasten the shield through the buckle, and it is enough to place one about 25mm, and at least 4 are required, which can be flexibly implemented. The disadvantage of this solution is that the clamping force of the buckle needs to be studied, and it is not suitable for use in scenarios with high vibration intensity

RF Connector with shielding can

The shielding can assy with the RF connector hale you save the cost and the step for assy , used for STB CATV FTTH

3 Step to customize EMI shield can for you PCB

Choose the type of PCB shielding can
The type of shielding can with one piece shielding can ,two piece shielding can , deep drawn shielding can
raw material for shielding can
Choose the type of raw material
When it comes to PCB EMI Shielding can , Nickel Silver Tin Plated is the most popular
Choose the packing for PCB shielding can
When it comes to PCB EMI Shielding can , Reel and tape and tray is the most popular

Find or Design Your Board Level Shields

If you’d like to create your own board level shield, our team of skilled engineers can design one that meets your specific application and design criteria. customer service to discuss custom options for your next board level shield.

Hexin Board Level shield

Here are some of the board level shielding cans product what we customized for customer

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