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Metal Shield can used in WIFI Module

Metal PCB shielding is a type of shielding used to protect electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). In the case of Wi-Fi modules, a metal PCB shield can be used to reduce interference from other electronics or Wi-Fi signals in the surrounding area.

The shield is usually made of a thin sheet of metal, such as aluminum or copper, and placed over the electronics of the Wi-Fi module. The metal acts as a barrier, preventing any unwanted interference from reaching the sensitive components inside.

In addition to reducing interference, the metal PCB shield helps improve the performance and reliability of the Wi-Fi module by preventing electromagnetic radiation from escaping and interfering with other nearby devices.

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Design Your WIFI Module

If you’d like to create your own board level shield, our team of skilled engineers can design one that meets your specific application and design criteria. customer service to discuss custom options for your next WIFI Module.

Why Hexin for you partner

Hexin has 15 years of experience in the field of shield stamping. Our shield flatness can be controlled within 0.03mm. We have a small bending machine imported from Germany and can complete the customer's prototype within 1 day. If you are not sure How to design the shielding cover, you can tell us your ideas, and our professional engineers can help you design the shielding cover drawings. Small batch fast delivery without mold cost, with a professional mold development team, all molds are guaranteed to be designed and developed by ourselves to better control product quality, all products are 100% inspected before delivery, digital visual inspection equipment, Automatic packaging. Whether you choose blister packaging or carrier tape packaging, you can meet your requirements. Contact us now to know more about how we produce WIFI modules

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