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Batteries - EMI Shield Cage

EMI Shielding Cage for Batteries

  • Electromagnetic interference suppression: There are various high-frequency electronic devices and circuits in the new energy battery system, and these devices may generate electromagnetic radiation during operation. If these emissions are not controlled, they may interfere with the proper operation of battery systems or affect the performance of other electronic devices. By using PCB shielding covers on key circuit areas, electromagnetic interference can be effectively reduced and the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the system can be improved.
  • Circuit protection: PCB shielding can effectively prevent external impurities, moisture, dust, etc. from entering key circuit areas, thereby reducing the risk of failure of circuit components caused by external environmental factors and improving the reliability of the battery system.
  • Battery Management System (BMS): New energy battery systems are usually equipped with a battery management system for monitoring and managing battery status. In BMS, PCB shields can be used to protect key circuits to ensure their normal operation and accurate data acquisition.

Design You Device Solution for shielding

If you’d like to create your own board level shield, our team of skilled engineers can design one that meets your specific application and design criteria. customer service to discuss custom options for your next Device.