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We provide

We provides a comprehensive range of standard and custom board level shielding (BLS) to create value for the industry sustainable development. Request a quote.

Board level shielding

Hexin design and manufacture of standard and customized board level shielding products.With 7 type you selection of one piece ,two piece(shield frame and cover) ,,drawn rf shield ,surface mount rf shield ,multi-zone shield can ,SMT shield clips , that help provide isolation of board level components, and reduce EMI susceptibility.Hexin more then 10 years in shielding cans fields ,our engineer work closely with our customers to create a specific board level shield solution to solve even the most complex applications in the most cost effective manner possible.

Board Level Shielding (BLS) and Clips

You will find 6 type of board level shielding

One Piece RF shield
One-piece board level shield used for surface mount or through hole applications. Also can fit with shield clips use ,One-piece designs offer economical shielding protection
two piece shield
Two Piece Shield
Two-piece board level shield constructed of a frame and a removable cover ,making repair of the component under the shield quicker and easier, with reduced board rework.
Drawn RF Shield
Seamless Protective Cage for higher shielding effectiveness Optimal Planarity for higher yield on reflow soldering Solid Construction to resist dents and warp
Surface Mount Shield
surface mount shields to meet the shielding requirements of target customers in both low- and high-profile applications
MultiCAV Shield
The MultiCAV is a compartmentalized shield that combines multiple shields into one, saving board space while reducing shield weight & cost
SMT Shield Clips
SMT Shield Clips offer ease of manufacture for EMI shielding solutions . The shield clips allow users to avoid the need for soldering.

Full Service for Board level shielding

From tooling to molding production board level shielding and assembly, we provide full service. Easy touch with us for you project !

Small volumes No or minimum tooling cost

Your ideas deserve a quick realisation Dispatch you with prototypes without tooling cost with 1-2days Help you to saving the time & cost!

Board Level Shielding Manufacturing

Board Level Shielding is manufactured in Ningbo Yuyao Factory ,We can make with processive die mould & single die mould , with 100% Checked , Packing can be reel and tape tray or the paper .

Highest quality
As a company, we attach great importance to the highest level of quality in the development of our portfolio
Proven track record
Through our years of experience in the shielding can area, we are an experienced and reliable partner for our customers.

What Kinds of shield you will choose

Stander Board Level Shielding
Moren then 200 kinds ready board level shielding cans for you choose !
Customized Board Level Shielding
Hexin can support customized board level shielding ,touch with us ,our engineer will help you design with it


  • In-house EMI expertise
  • Available in one-piece and two-piece shields
  • Available in CRS and aluminum material
  • Complex custom high volume support
  • Locking holes SMT castellations
  • Through holes, bending radii, and corner shapes
  • Pick and place features
  • Materials mainly used are nickel silver, galvanized, and pre-plated CRS
  • Comes with tape and reel package
  • Vacuum formed tray

Hexin Board Level shield sample (Parts)

Here are some of the board level shielding cans sample picture what we customized for customer

Find or Design Your Board Level Shields

If you’d like to create your own board level shield, our team of skilled engineers can design one that meets your specific application and design criteria. customer service to discuss custom options for your next board level shield.


Nice Packing With reel and tape .when we need more of board level shielding we will go with you .
Gregory Benford - Buyer
We want a small batch prototype design. Hexin Board level shieling are in stock and sent to us quickly to help us complete the design faster and finally get the customer's order.
Marchin - Developer
Good Production with the board level shielding ,Faster delivery and good service!
Julia - Engineer

Board Level Shielding 100% Auto Checking

100% Auto Checking
100% Automatic optical inspection
Automatic Packing
Automatic packing in the reel and tape
Faster Delivery
With the auto checking and packing make the faster delivery to our customer all over the world.

Flexibly designed to suit your requirements

Your processes in board level shielding building have to be fast, flexible and productive. This is the only way you can cut your costs and increase efficiency. Depending on the application in question, you will have different requirements with respect to the engineering service, delivery speed and flexibility to be provided.
Working towards a customer-specific solution

Reliable and Trustworthy
We are a team of high business ethics, consistent.
Focus on the field of shields
15+ years of experience in the field of board level shielding
Production, logistics, documentation
Have a complete production process and rapid delivery of goods
Complete Production chain Board Level Shield Can
Meet the needs of various customers for shielding cover

Small volumes (High quality – Shortest lead time – No or minimum tooling expense)

Typical low volume series (up to a few hundred pieces) do not justify the investment of manufacturing tooling used for high volume series such as a stamping die. And this is usually not needed as HEXIN has alternative processes available specifically for low volume manufacturing which, in most cases, will take away the need for tooling investments. Next to the investment saving, the time to market of such processes will be very short which will also make you save precious time

What Boar Level Shielding Cans used for

The board level shielding can use in 5G ,FTTH,CPE,Medical electronics

5G Net
Medical electronics

Step by Step make Board level shielding

Easy Make a board level shielding cans as you need with 4 Steps so simple .

Step 1 Type of board level shielding
Confirm kinds of board level shielding as you need eg:one piece shield or two pice shield surface mount shield, multicav shield ,drawn shield ,smt shield
Step 2 Material for board level shielding
Choose the material eg:Tin plated ,SUS,Nickel silver alloy
STEP 3 Packing of board level shielding
Reel and tape ,Tray ,normal you can choose as you need
STEP 5 Additional Services
Laser the information or Electronics Plated with the Board level shielding can as you special request .


Cheap Price Take care for the board level shielding
Reel and tape
Can used with SMT machine Take care for the board level shielding
Tray packing
Take care for the board level shielding Take care for the board level shielding

Addition Service for Board Level Shielding

Laser the Board Level shielding Service
We can laser the parts number LOGO an QR code and other information as you need on Board level shield cover
Electronics Plated
Hexin Can support you with the Electronics plated with the board level shielding can

Board Level shielding cans Production process(Parts)

The picture show how Hexin make the board level shielding cans for PCB board with our own tooling house and worker .
Make Drawing
Wire cutting
Precision grinding
Mould parts
Assy the mould
Finished the mould
Test mould
Mass production
Heat treatment
Fast delivery

Board Level Shielding Product and Checking Machin(Parts)

High-speed stamping equipment: Japan DOBBY & Taiwan Liye
Stable: Equipped with a dynamic balance device to ensure that the punch can maintain a continuous and stable dynamic accuracy when running at high speed;
Precision: High-precision transmission parts are used to minimize vibration, and the precision of stamping parts can reach 0.01mm;
Fast: using imported bearings, strong punching force, high production efficiency, up to 1000 times per minute.

Material testing equipment: Vickers hardness tester The hardness of raw materials is an important index that needs to be referred to in product design and production, which directly affects the quality of finished stamping parts. Victorinox

The measurement error of the hardness tester can be controlled at plus or minus 3 degrees, and the precise test error ensures the accuracy of product molding, thereby ensuring The stability, assembly and functionality of the elastic life of the finished product.

Purpose of the salt spray test machine: The salt spray test machine tests the corrosion resistance of the products after the surface treatment of various materials, packaging coatings, electroplating, inorganic and organic coatings, anodizing, and anti-rust oil.

1. Functions: including the functions of three-dimensional, two-dimensional, tool microscope, and projector.
2. Powerful 2D/3D measurement system

Some Metal Board Level Shielding Cans

The board shield cans for PCB board
PCB Shield Frame
Metal shield cans
PCB shield cans
PCB Shield Frame
Metal shield cans
PCB shield cans
Tuner shield cans
Board level shield can with F Connector
Two F Coaxial Connector with shield can
F with board shield can
Tuner shield cans
Single Connector with shield can