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Hexin Board level shielding briefly introduces the basic knowledge of the hardware shielding cover. It is a non-actuating iron part formed by die cutting and bending, which is used to cover the components, circuits and assemblies. To prevent interference from spreading outside the electromagnetic field, it can also be used to shield other electromagnetic noise.

Today, let’s analyze the materials of the hardware shielding cover in detail. Which material is more dominant?

Generally, the shielding cover can be made of white copper, stainless steel, tinplate, etc. White copper is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, has good tin-eating properties and is non-magnetic. Stainless steel has the strongest oxidation resistance, but it does not eat tin and is easy to gather magnetism. Tinplate has the strongest ability to eat tin, but its anti-oxidation degree is the worst.

In fact, the commonly used hardware shielding cover materials are nickel silver and stainless steel. Nickel silver is a metal shielding material that is easy to tin, and it is better in welding, heat dissipation and steam. Chian shielding cover manufacturer, the flatness of the hardware shielding cover produced by Lida Precision is strictly controlled within the tolerance range of 0.1mm to ensure its easy tinning performance and excellent shielding effect.