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Here to share with you the topic of machine sticking and manual welding of magnetic shields. Before Lida Precision received a call from a customer, inquiring about the choice of machine bonding or manual welding for the 105*55mm magnetic shield.

After in-depth understanding of our project, the advice given to customers is that the machine is better to mount, but be careful of deformation, it will be difficult to paste and easy to float. In addition to this, it also reminds customers that they need to consider the problem of packaging deformation under stress. Roll packaging will definitely not work. TRAY packaging costs and deformation must also be considered.

In addition to the above, there are many things to note: 1. Material: White copper is generally light and not easy to oxidize, while tinplate is generally heavier and easy to oxidize. 2. The mold of the magnetic shielding cover is a continuous mold, and the smt placement machine is used for placement, so that its flatness requirements will be relatively high. If it exceeds the tolerance range, it will appear false welding. False soldering means that there will be defects in the circuit board if tin is not applied. There is manual rework, which will affect the progress. The flatness of continuous mold production is easier to master and modify.