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Antenna shrapnel is a kind of connector, which is used in the power contact device of intelligent equipment, and the most used is the straight cantilever leaf spring with the simplest shape. The resistance of the contact piece must be small, so it is made of bronze. We often see antenna shrapnel in smart devices such as mobile phones and signal transmission. Let’s take a closer look at some basic information about antenna shrapnel.

The characteristics of the antenna shrapnel spring:

1. The antenna shrapnel has conductive properties. Can interfere with the spillover effect of electromagnetic waves.

2. The antenna shrapnel is elastic and has the function of shock absorption and suppression, and the height can be adjusted to protect the effect of the CPU.

3. The antenna shrapnel is solderable and can be welded to the motherboard.

4. The antenna shrapnel material is packaged and can be quickly implanted into the motherboard with the SMT device, saving labor costs.

The material of the antenna shrapnel:

1. The material is high beryllium copper, which has the best elasticity and conductivity.

2. The estimated area of ​​the PCB is small and replaces manual labor with flat paste.

3. Large contact area, good EMI effect, and easy welding.

4. The click resistance can reach more than 50,000, and the product reliability is good.

5. The special shape design not only has excellent conductivity, but also has a good effect on EMI, ESD or signal transmission.

The advantages of antenna shrapnel:

1. Good conductivity

2. High tensile elasticity

3. High occlusion effect

4. Good corrosion resistance

5. Long service life

6. Easy to install