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3 Kinds of Board level shielding cans packing - Ningbo Hexin Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Shield manufacturers need to communicate well with customers before placing orders. After mass production of connector shields, which packaging method needs to be used, and shield manufacturers should combine the size of the customer’s connector shield to provide customers with reasonable Suggestions for customers’ reference.

Generally, there are 3 ways to pack connector shields, namely: plastic bag, blister and tape. Like the connector shield cover, most of the parts that do not require patches are blister packaging. This kind of raw material must be sucked in place on the surface, and there must be no grease, otherwise it will easily stick to the product and damage its surface. Like the shielding cover bracket, most of the patches are selected in tape and reel packaging, which can increase the output of the connector shielding cover during subsequent processing.

However, both the blister tray and the tape-reel packaging method need to be selected according to the size of the connector shield. Larger size shielding covers are suitable for blister packaging, smaller connector shielding covers are suitable for tape packaging, and small number of shielding covers can be packed in plastic bags. If customers choose blister or reel packaging, they need to inform the shield manufacturer when placing the order. Because shield manufacturers have to consult their packaging suppliers whether they have packaging blister boxes or tapes that fit the size of this batch of shields. If there is no need to open the mold, it will take several days for the mold to be opened and delivered. If the customer chooses the packaging method in advance, it will not affect the delivery period due to the opening of the packaging.