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For more than 11 years, We offer the most complete industrial solutions in the world wide over 30+countries sucessfully.

HEXIN Developing with Customer innovative Metal Fabrication.To be a partner in innovative electronic interconnect solutions so that our customers can bring their ideas to reality. We pursue this with a dedication to the best value and highest quality of customer satisfaction delivered with friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.

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The hole for the board level shielding cans
January 7 2021

Are there any requirements for openings on the FR shield? Generally speaking, what is the minimum diameter? If the hole gets bigger, what will be the impact? Today, Ningbo Hexin engineers will answer First of all, according to the principle of the shielding cover, whether it needs to be fully enclosed or semi-enclosed is still […]

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Deep Drawn board level shielding cans problem

When shield manufacturers produce stretched shields, these types of problems generally occur: wrinkles, uneven thickness, cracks, shape distortions, surface scratches, rebound, etc. Why does this kind of problem occur in the shielding cover of stretch parts? The shielding cover manufacturer Ningbo Hexin will analyze for you: The main reason for the wrinkling of the stretcher […]

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Board Level shielding cans use in the speaker
November 26 2020

Due to the magnetic leakage of the power supply of the multimedia speaker, the effect of using the speaker shield is very obvious when conditions permit. It can block the magnetic leakage to the greatest extent. The shield can only be made of iron-type materials. We should try our best to choose a shield manufacturer […]

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3 Kinds of Board level shielding cans packing

Shield manufacturers need to communicate well with customers before placing orders. After mass production of connector shields, which packaging method needs to be used, and shield manufacturers should combine the size of the customer’s connector shield to provide customers with reasonable Suggestions for customers’ reference. Generally, there are 3 ways to pack connector shields, namely: […]

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4 main items required for custom electromagnetic shielding
November 23 2020

The function of electromagnetic shielding cover: Simply speaking, there are basically two, one is to prevent external radiation interference, and the other is to shield external radiation interference; the more complicated point is to prevent external electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields from interfering with internal devices or to avoid equipment The influence of the electromagnetic […]

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Thank you for checking.products are satisfying and well done .also thanks you for very nice packing
With reel and tape .when we need more of shield clips we will go with you .

Bill Dedman - Designer

We want a small batch prototype design. Hexin SMT shield clips are in stock and sent to us quickly to help us complete the design faster and finally get the customer’s order.

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